Presentations and Scholarship

My new book The Practice of Qualitative Data Analysis - Research Examples Using MAXQDA co-edited with Dr. Stefan Rädiker is now available from MAXQDA Press as a free PDF, or in print from for $20USD.

This book provides ten real world case studies on how to use MAXQDA in qualitative research, including a chapter on my own work.

Presentations, Videos, and Webinars

MQIC MAXQDA International Conference 2020 spotlight sessions

I presented three spotlight sessions on MAXQDA at MQIC in Berlin in February 2020.

MQIC poster Gizzi-2020.pptx

Poster Presentations at MQIC

"Enhancing Student Research with MAXQDA," Poster presented at MQIC, 2020, Berlin, Germany, February 2020

MQIC poster Gizzi-Final-2018.pdf

"Harnessing the Power of MAXQDA for Conducting Judicial Impact Research," Poster presented at MQIC 2019, Berlin, Germany, February, 2018. Poster won "best poster prize" for 2018.

From the conference report: " Dr. Gizzi employed MAXQDA to analyze how US Supreme Court cases impact the lower courts with focus on the reliability of dog-sniffs. Dr. Gizzi’s research was not only current and relevant, but his poster also clearly displayed his theoretical development, category-building techniques, use of variables, and his logical use of a wide range of MAXQDA tools, such as summaries, KWIC, and MAXMaps."

Posters, Papers, and Publications utilizing MAXQDA in research

Michael C Gizzi, David Kunkel, David Rivers, “Qualitative Analysis with MAXQDA to Enhance Student Research,” Poster presented at the Illinois State University Teaching and Learning Symposium, January 8, 2020, Normal IL.

David Kunkel and Michael C Gizzi, "A Qualitative Analysis of Justice Scalia's Approach to Constitutional Interpretation," Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Meeting, September 2019, Chicago, IL

Michael C. Gizzi, Alessandra Bruno, Christopher Mulligan, and R. Craig Curtis, "The Fourth Amendment and the potential use of field-portable mass spectrometry systems in law enforcement," Journal of Crime and Justice, 42:3, 316-330, DOI: 10.1080/0735648X.2018.1537883

Michael C Gizzi, "Harnessing the Power of MAXQDA for Social Science Research," Poster presented at the Illinois State University Teaching and Learning Symposium, January 2019, Normal IL.

Christopher Mulligan, Jamie Wieland, Michael C Gizzi, "Analytical Validation and Impact Assessment of On-Site Evidence Screening via Ambient Sampling, Portable Mass Spectrometry," Award No. 2015-IJ-CX-K011, National Institute of Justice, April 2018

On-Going Research utilizing MAXQDA

  • "Originalism in thought and practice: the Jurisprudence of Justice Antonin Scalia," with David M. Kunkel, Illinois State University

  • "Identifying Business Strategy from Quarterly Shareholder reports and conference calls: The Case of Netflix," with Richard Vail, Colorado Mesa University

  • "Official Misconduct in Wrongful Conviction Cases: An Analysis of the National Registry of Exonerations," with Mia Gilliam, Indiana University.

  • "Florida v Harris and the reliability of narcotic dog sniffs: a judicial impact study."