The 4 Stages of Research


Welcome to Dr. Michael Gizzi's MAXQDA tutorials. This site will help you learn how to maximize your usage of MAXQDA, a qualitative research software. I follow a "four stage research process" for conducting qualitative research, and developed these tutorials to take what began as a poster presentation and brief essay, and turn it into a fairly complete set of learning materials. The Four Stages have evolved in the two years since they were first developed, as I have refined them, and clarified the process. The tutorials are intended to supplement the excellent support materials on the MAXQDA website. They also supplement workshops I offer as a professional MAXQDA trainer.

My own background with qualitative research comes as a political scientist and criminal justice professor who uses MAXQDA for a variety of projects including:

  • judicial impact studies of Supreme Court decisions, drawing on lower court decisions to explain how policies and judicial precedents get implemented.
  • An analysis of the role of official misconduct in wrongful convictions
  • The use of corporate share-holder conference calls and quarterly reports to explore how business strategy is developed over time, through a ten year analysis of the strategy of Netflix
  • An exploration of the jurisprudence and legal philosophy of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia