The 4 Stages of Research


Welcome to Dr. Michael Gizzi's MAXQDA tutorials. This site will help you learn how to maximize your usage of MAXQDA, a qualitative research software. I follow a "four stage research process" for conducting qualitative research, and developed these tutorials to take what began as a poster presentation and brief essay, and turn it into a fairly complete set of learning materials. The tutorials are intended to supplement the excellent support materials on the MAXQDA website. They also supplement workshops I offer as a professional MAXQDA trainer.

My own background with qualitative research comes as a political scientist and criminal justice professor who focuses on the judicial impact of Supreme Court policies, drawing on lower court decisions to explain how policies and judicial precedents ge . implemented. I have found MAXQDA to be a incredibly valuable tool for this. While my research is legal in orientation, the four stages of research should apply to almost any social scientific project.

Please note that this site is a work in progress. I have published it, but I am continually adding additional tutorials. In many ways, it is still a "shell" of a much larger endeavor.